The Edibles Market

Sales of edible products rose 85 percent, from 2.8 million units in 2014, to 5.3 million units the following year, according to an April report by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

The convenience and reliable quality of prepackaged goods should open new markets.

The potential for developing a culinary market for oils and butters is another market.

And, the true medical application will likely expand.

Cowen & Co., the nearly century-old firm founded as a bond brokerage, is racing to become Wall Street’s leading provider of cannabis research

The firm is betting it’s worth the risk to explore an industry that could generate tens of billions of dollars a year — and intersect with many established sectors …
“Anyone who’s interested in figuring out the future of the consumer needs to be here,” said Lisa Thomas, Cowen’s associate director of research. The same goes for people interested in health care, industrial agriculture and other areas, she said.