Products & Services

Our Areas of Expertise, Products and Service

The core of our expertise is e-business strategic and tactical objectives definition, refinement and execution: You explain what you’re looking to accomplish and we provide the tools, technologies and implementation experience to get you there.

When you Mean Business, technology’s working for you 24 / 7. It’s generating leads, making sales, keeping you in touch with employees, customers and suppliers no matter where they are. The solutions we’ve implemented for our clients generally fall into the following categories:

Content Management and Community Tools

  • Managed Workflows (e.g. secure submissions; email notifications)
  • New Page Prototyping and Staging
  • Blogs, Wikis, Forums, Calendars

Customer Relationship Management and Sales Tools

  • Contact management
  • Sales Activity Reporting
  • Sales pipeline reporting and management

Customer Care

  • Help Desk ticketing
  • Knowledge bases (historical information about customer issues and resolutions)
  • Client self-service applications (help your users help themselves to solve their own issues, answer their own questions)

Tools for teams distributed across multiple locations

  • Web-based Time sheets
  • Shared storage
  • Collaboration tools
    • Document management
    • Shared email, calendars, instant messaging and contact lists accessible from anywhere

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