With so much good project management info available, why are most projects so poorly managed?

There’s plenty of excellent, freely-available info regarding successfully managing projects. Even without diving deeply into methodologies, the PMI or Six Sigma, there are several quick reads to solidify what’s first and foremost common sense. 

Radical Transparency” is, among other things, a successful project management methodology. A precursor to it is a simple, “three-phase” approach:

  1. Tell them what you plan to Do
  2. Do it
  3. Tell them what you’ve Done
Yes – it’s the same as making a good presentation. It’s so simple and goes so far toward success, yet still people charged with running projects avoid doing it. 
Update from Cliff Hall – a colleague from Prodigy and About.com – pointing us to a  “One Minute Risk Assesment” tool. Can we swing even one minute?