Networked Journalism

Big Step Forward for Transparent, Networked Journalism

Reddit’s open sourcing of its platform(*1) creates exciting possibilities.

There are other social news tools available for the taking; none, though, with the pedigree and backing the likes of Reddit / Wired / Condé Nast.

With regard to our work at – i.e. helping our 420+ partner news organizations become more profitable and productive participants online; helping them connect, communicate and collaborate with new communities of consumers and contributors, and to maximize revenue possibilities by doing so – this is tremendous news. Beyond putting the source out there, Reddit’s offering plenty of docs and possibly some kind of implementation support(*2). The code’s there. The help’s there. I’m going to use it across any of the 420+ partners who want it. And a bunch who don’t yet know they do.

This represents a step forward for radically transparent Social News. This isn’t like the open Digg clones; this is actual reddit code. I’d imagine this will be helpful to keep cabals from dictating the front page and help make gaming the system become a dying sport.

It’s not overstating to say this is a very good for ProAm journalism and “the news,” in general. Kudos, Team Reddit.

(*1) – (the great majority of)
(*2) – I know I saw this somewhere … have to find the link