“Community Notes” – Prior Art

There are giants and shoulders to stand on top of here. Even starting from First Principals supposes familiarity of what exists. There's a corpus of thinking and work available to us across disciplines: How media organizations handle reader responses, editorial boards, fact checking & corrections How product teams do market validation, advocacy and loyalty programs…

“Community Notes” – These Help

Broad strokes around how people can get involved, who else is involved, and the longer-term view for where this is headed and ways to contribute to heading there

“Community Notes” by twtr

Community moderation, paid editors, and the latest AI and machine learning tools assisting all involved are core to addressing misinformation and disinformation at global scale.

Organizing Meetups on Meetup.com

Organizing Meetups on Meetup.com will be much smoother once I learn how to Preview things and call-out individual people. Previewing pre-publish is essential. Meetup does a good job with Event draft previews. The same type of preview for Discussions and Comments would be a boon. This previews what my [content] will look like before going…