How Mobile Games Aim to Keep You Coming Back

It’s triggering habituation by asking players directly for action & time investment, granting them immediate rewards for doing so, and offering more of the same for tomorrow.

“Developers crafted a lengthy checklist of tasks—train a character, equip special gear, battle other players—that dole out digital currency and other rewards when completed each day.”

“The latest mobile-game hit, “Super Mario Run,” rewards players for competing daily against friends.”

“A particularly effective tactic is team-based objectives, since players tend to nudge one another to participate”

“Exclusive offers, such as the opportunity to unlock a rare character during a one-week event, tap into people’s natural fear of missing out”


By Steve McNally

Creative Builder successfully blending tech, advertising, and storytelling for global brands and startups -- I'm currently building games to drive commerce & working to change the conversation about cannabis.