Game Teams @ Hearst

Millions of people playing games every week gave all teams involved clear insights to act on live and in-flight and for the next product iterations.

Parade Digital

Focus on O&O and Key Partner Properties Owned & Operated Properties Deepen capabilities for mobile and web properties. Re-Design to make them pretty; Re-Architect to make them Scale. Enrich dedicated Food, Entertainment, and Wellness channels, apps, and newsletters. Strengthen ties to print teams, products, and news partners. Content Partners Provide clean, well-lighted places for staff…

Lean Agile @ Hearst

We had an Executive advocate from the outset and aligned on goals early: First priorities focused on assignment desk features for internal teams with public-facing functionality limited to assignment emails and draft assignment responses. We released a core platform in the first four weeks. The next several releases focused on streamlining assignment, review, update, and…

Star Wars at the arcade

18 month’s hard work were about to come to fruition. Nerves were on edge as Atari invited George Lucas himself to test the completed vector game at Atari’s factory in Sunnyvale