Parade Digital

Focus on O&O and
Key Partner Properties

Owned & Operated Properties

Deepen capabilities for mobile and web properties. Re-Design to make them pretty; Re-Architect to make them Scale. Enrich dedicated Food, Entertainment, and Wellness channels, apps, and newsletters. Strengthen ties to print teams, products, and news partners.

  • Parade Digital - Entertainment channel home - Seth Myers Hosts the 2014 Emmys
  • Parade Digital - Food Channel - Caramel Pretzel Brownies recipe for Father's Day - Photo gallery of the process.

Content Partners

Provide clean, well-lighted places for staff editors, sister and parent publications, stringers, and outside contributing writers to publish and curate on Parade properties. Let these individuals and their audience know who owns each of these curated places.

  • H&R Block's "Dollars & Sense" on Parade Digital
  • Activity Stream Highlights are in the right-rail of the page -- Pop-Culture, Recipes, and Gaming stories from Editors, Contributors, Partners, and Sponsors.
  • Crafts channel Home on Parade Digital.
  • Most Popular and Top Voices - Wellness and Entertainment stories from Parade Editors, Contributors, and Partners
  • Win a Trip to LA - Entertainment Give-Away - By She Knows

Distribution & Audience Development Partners

Deepen collaborations with our news partners and staff teams who manage those relationships. Communicate our available feeds, widgets, apps, and asset libraries and the reach & revenue incentives for using them. Show the results & clear benefits. Prioritize outside partner collaborations where the fit is organic and mutual benefits clear.

  • - Kentucky Derby Day drink recipe from Parade
  • 'Hot in Cleveland' Cast shares about their adventures together on-set - Parade Digital
  • Numbrix game from Marilyn Vos Savant on Parade Digital
  • - Halloween Treats that are better than Candy - From Parade

Revenue Partners

Create flexible customization @ scale for direct sales, programmatic, and advertiser self-service offerings. Tap into sister and parent Revenue, Commerce, and AdOps teams and Private Exchanges. Provide custom experiences for Brand advertisers, commerce and marketing partners to sponsor their own clean, well-lighted places and clear labeling identifying who owns each.

  • Michaels Selects - Latest Picks on Parade Digital. Inspire Easter. Spring Family Projects. Make a towel tote bag. DIY Fox Costume.
  • Dodge RAM 2012 RAM Jam in Nashville - takeover on Parade Digital
  • 'Kitchen Confidence' by Kelsey Nixon - Parade Digital
  • "Parade celebrates the emotional touchstones of American life." Carl Sagan is featured. Parade Media Group Ad Rate Card - Reaching 32.2MM people per month who view 463MM pages per month

By Steve McNally

I build products, teams and business lines that blend publishing, marketing and advertising technologies for global brands and startups.