Core Infrastructure Supporting People and Business

CRM, CMS, and Measurement technologies are fundamental for working at scale across teams, shifts, and time zones. Having this core infrastructure in place lets you focus on your differentiators and building experiences at the scale you want to operate.


CRM technologies are core to supporting your business. Your contacts are customers, clients, colleagues working in and around your business.Knowing them as individuals, groups, and teams lets you collaborate across programs, channels and platforms.


Simple intelligent tools to build product catalogs, marketing campaigns, and sales reports are fundamental to Commerce, Marketing, and Sales teams as they are to social, comms, and editorial teams. We work in text, photo, video, and audio content all day. CMS tech helps us create, discover, and package that work.

Distribution and Measurement

Distribution and Measurement technologies manage access and activities across colleagues, clients, and campaigns. Standard processes for handling partners’ access, endpoints, tags, and terms-of-use is a foundation for operating at scale. Activity and performance measurements are core to proving markets and informing continuous improvements.

Artist Community Marketplaces

Artist community marketplaces let us solicit and manage custom contributions at scale. Each artist gets a custom experience. Artist teams see what’s relevant in one place. Brands, sponsors, and co-marketing partners see campaign-level activities, assets and reporting approved by artist teams. Fans get exclusive access and clear pathways to earn more rewards through their participation.

Intelligent targeting is built on understanding our VIP customers

Audience Enrichment

We target outbound assignments and requests for short- and long-form contributions from artist teams, staff and UGC.

We handle inbound responses, review & approval workflows, and delivery by artist, team, and campaign. Approval workflows are as high-touch or hands-off as the diverse roster of artists demand.

It’s a framework for successful collaborations with influencers and agencies and lets us discover and develop more talent of our own.

Audience Enrichment & outreach

Audience enrichment

Good Customer Experience

Know me and show what I’ve bought, streamed, subscribed to
and even complained about

Treat your best customers like VIPs. Find more who should be VIPs, and others to level-up to top-tier status.

Well-Defined if not always Straightforward

We start from what you have and What you know needs attention.

From there, it’s a progressive enrichment through review, intelligent modelling and marketplace matching for the individuals, groups, segments, and cohorts you have and want to build.

Community Marketplaces

Loyalty @ Retail

It’s not news repeat customers yield returns on multiple levels. The last 18 months highlighted a few of these and given smart brand teams good lessons to apply over the next six quarters. Repeat customers adding directly to the top and bottom lines is good in itself. Loyal customers also

  • Spend more overall
  • Build MRR base
  • Solidify next quarters’ projections & planning
  • Will spread the word, especially when given incentive to do so

We see similar trends and markers in tens of thousands of transactions across retailers and programs also surface within single shops and campaigns. Explicitly showing these returns on loyalty working together and amplifying each other gives teams permission to focus more on ways to treat customers as the very important people they are.

CRM design and implementation

AdTech-MarTech Convergence

… these approaches are becoming less and less justifiable from an ROI perspective due to the level of machine-learning investment by the big ad tech platforms. We shouldn’t, however, just turn over the keys entirely to platform partners. The strategy evolves to ensuring brands are setting appropriate conversion goals and supplementing the modeling with high-fidelity feedback in the form of their … first-party data and customer segmentation