DAM, That’d be Great

I’m working to catalogue files I have on current workstations, servers, and a bunch old drives. My primary goals are having searchable file names, types, and their media sources catalogued via scan of multiple filesystem types. A text file is a fine end result. There are plenty of Great-to-Haves beyond this, but getting core requirements handled as hassle-free and inexpensively as possible is the key driver.

Enterprises have options per the lay of their land. Here I’m after a Prosumer solution that goes beyond directory tree lists and falls short of needing ongoing management.


mostly in order of want:
  • Low-touch / unattended ingestion
  • Sensible, configurable defaults
  • Helpful, accurate dry runs
  • Non-catastrophic re-runs (i.e. smart enough to minimize overwriting or duplicating existing entries)
  • Clever de-duping
  • Customizable / scriptable input and output handling
  • File meta data capture
  • Full-Text indexing of file content

Extra Special Bonus

can run on a NAS with
  • myriad ports
  • an OS that doesn’t require 3TB of updates on semi-annual boot-ups
  • fans that don’t sound like a leaf blower or cause brown-outs @ home

By Steve McNally

I build products, teams and business lines that blend publishing, marketing and advertising technologies for global brands and startups.