Recency, Frequency, and Time Spent (Tools we Use)

We pull recency, frequency, and time spent stats from folks’ historical app usage early in the process. People recognize tasks they earlier this morning and yesterday in this same app, and that’s helpful context. Mapping frequent tasks to existing shortcuts is quick Time To Return on investment (TTRoI). People also respond to seeing their Time Spent on tasks they do often. That’s enough reward for folks to dive deeper.

Walking through these core reports highlights quick wins to pursue and paves the way for higher-order processing to discover usage patterns, heuristics and applications’ best practices.

Shortcuts to 30% gains

Shortcuts keep work in flow. A mouse gesture or key combo that saves from having to switch from one to the other saves more than time as a significant contributing factor to peoples’ General Gleefulness as an app user.

By Mean Business

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