New Revenues and Sales Funnels

Revenue Generation @ Scale

Standard ad slots surrounding Hearst Games were sold by internal teams and via auction to approved partners on private exchanges. Audience and Viewability details were available to all parties, and Hearst had access to significant 1st-Party demographic and psychographic info via detailed engagement metrics.

Cosmo Challenge - Dorco Razors
Sponsorship and message integration
for Beauty CPG partners @ Cosmo

From Self-Serve to High-Touch

Sponsorships, roadblocks, and session takeovers were offered to approved partners via DealID. Self-Service access to quality inventory, relevant content, and active engagement made these scalable, repeatable, and effective revenue sources. Repeat buyers across industry segments saw good value and performance.

Esquire and Cosmo Challenges sponsored by Northwell Insurance, HRBlock, and Skype
Insurance, Finance, and Consumer Tech partners

Repeat buyers also provided insight to advertisers sales teams reached out to and offer deeper integrations, buys across titles’ mobile, social, and web properties, and other opportunities best fit for higher-touch collaborations.

Esquire Challenge - Rearrange Puzzle - Dorco Razors sponsor
Sponsorship and message integration
for CPG partners @ Esquire

Monetizing huge amounts of engaged impressions these ad packages created scaled from programmatic offerings to deep integrations with advertising and marketing partners. The tools we built to create these packages at scale were force multipliers for our colleagues on editorial, marketing and social teams.

Product and messaging integration
for Consumer Tech partners @ Esquire
Editorial and Marketing integration
for Insurance partners @ Esquire

By Steve McNally

I build products, teams and business lines that blend publishing, marketing and advertising technologies for global brands and startups.