Content Creation Tools @ Hearst

Content Creation Tools let marketers, editors, and brand managers create, curate, package, and promote custom experiences at scale. Role-based access and non-destructive content updates let creators get more done in less time with more opportunities for thoughtful product, partner, and messaging integration. Content Creation Tools give team leads confidence to distribute tasks, scale their teams, and drive more participation within and outside current team members.

Interactive Content Builder Overview - ScarJo Reorder challenge
Tools make creating custom content at scale
simple and efficient

We work with builders and makers — who create content using words, images, video, and interactivity — to fit the tools into their workflows. Drag and Drop simplicity and live editing gives creators more time for making compelling stories and experiences.

Content Tools - Heds and Deks -- Live Edits

Collaborations focus the work on our clients’ most important channels, content types, and sales opportunities. We smooth access to their photos, video, and text assets and tie into their in-house and SaaS platforms for distribution, promotion, and performance measurement. The tools we built are force multipliers for our colleagues who support advertising, editorial, social, and marketing programs.

Content tools -- drag and drop, multiple content types and promotions

We build on technology that’s structured and flexible for rapid iteration of new features and functions. We create the infrastructure to support distribution and measurement at scale across mobile, social, email, and web properties. Clients create custom experiences at scale which drives new revenues at scale.

By Steve McNally

I build products, teams and business lines that blend publishing, marketing and advertising technologies for global brands and startups.