Text editor. Code completion. Solid git and github integration. Active community of developers, tons of Extensions, and smart ways to enable them only in places you need them.

Visual Studio Code

Multi-Account Containers are now essential. Simple Tab Groups levels-up whatever work you’re doing.


A solid app for managing tasks and time spent. Kanban board. Time tracker. Gentle nudges to stay focused. Reports showing your work over the day, week, and month.

Pomodoro Logger

ffmpeg handles media. One-liners do conversions, resizing, and other useful stuff for working in high-res knowing other outputs will be fast and [;ChefsKissEmoji].”


Collect and organize research across devices. Sync it up, run reports.


Ecosystem of people developers editors designers marketers SaaS and PaaS and cloud services of all stripes.


“Blender Video Sequence Editor makes Quick&Dirty work and deeper work work. Hardcore engineers. Active community. Excellent docs that help a lot.”


A Digital Audio Workstation that makes capturing ideas simple and difficult things possible.

Ableton Live

By Steve McNally

I build products, teams and business lines that blend publishing, marketing and advertising technologies for global brands and startups.