The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit

Steemit is an evolution in social media the way bitcoin was an evolution in money and banking.

True statement. There’s plenty of land-grab, gold-rush language around Steemit. There’s plenty of low-quality content and engagement inside it. It’s new and these things take time. 
The core thesis of transaction-based publishing and identity is worth checking out on its own. And getting creators and curators compensated for their time, effort, and skill is worthwhile. Quality will improve as talent is recognized and rewarded, reputation is built up, and word spreads.

Also, as Jeff Berwick @dollarvigilante notes:

And, you make money just by posting, upvoting or even commenting on articles … It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get into the cryptocurrency game as you can earn Steem which you can keep or convert into bitcoin, ethereum or any other crypto without risking any of your own money.


Source: Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit — Steemit

Why are So Many Brands Using Games to Engage with Consumers?

The short answer: Game-based outreach captures the consumer’s attention and keeps it. Games ensure the brand’s message registers in the consumer’s consciousness. Games increase the capture of email addresses and increase brand awareness.

Millennials Play Games
Millennials spend more time playing games on their phones than any other apps.

“More than any other marketing outreach method, games encourage ongoing engagement”
Ron Shulkin