Smart companies will focus on improving processes during slowdown

Software Development Predictions For 2009

McAllister writes, adding that smart companies will realize that ‘process automation is one of the best ways to reduce costs in any business,’ making 2009 the ideal time to ‘revisit old software schemes that got shelved back when staffing budgets w
ere flush.'”

Focusing inward, and paying heavy attention to expenditures, is the right move most of the time, and especially during a pervasive slump. Red Hat, e.g., posted solid Q3 ’08 results based on growing interest in their open source-based infrastructure. Their guidance for Q4 is strong, as well, based on growing customer interest.

Good Crowd in the Cloud

A collegue forwarded this note about a new Aptana product release. 

Joyent is a competitor to Amazon Web Services. They’re significantly smaller, but recently, Aptana released beta software that makes deployments to Joyent’s cloud pretty simple.

They currently support standard LAMP deployments; plans include Rails and Python.

Aptana’s got a good history of making usable development tools, leveraging available technology (e.g. Eclipse, Subversion), and packaging it with Fit and Finish.

We’re currently looking into Aptana / Joyent applicability for our current needs in additional to AWS and, scalr, RightScale and others.

Things are certainly heating up in the space. Leveraging the cloud very quickly becoming something more easily approachable. Competition is Good.