Loyalty @ Retail

It’s not news repeat customers yield returns on multiple levels. The last 18 months highlighted a few of these and given smart brand teams good lessons to apply over the next six quarters. Repeat customers adding directly to the top and bottom lines is good in itself. Loyal customers also

  • Spend more overall
  • Build MRR base
  • Solidify next quarters’ projections & planning
  • Will spread the word, especially when given incentive to do so

We see similar trends and markers in tens of thousands of transactions across retailers and programs also surface within single shops and campaigns. Explicitly showing these returns on loyalty working together and amplifying each other gives teams permission to focus more on ways to treat customers as the very important people they are.

By Steve McNally

Creative Builder successfully blending tech, advertising, and storytelling for global brands and startups -- I'm currently building games to drive commerce & working to change the conversation about cannabis.